our fragrances.


the signature collection

white sage + lavender (fan favorite!)

top: lavender

center: camphor, chamomile, sage, rosemary

base: sandalwood, cedarwood

lovelle (top seller!)

top: bergamot, lemon, buttercream

center: vanilla, cake, lavender

base: sugar, bourbon, cedar

mint + eucalyptus

top: eucalyptus, peppermint

center: cedar, clove

base: patchouli, vanilla, powder

ginger tea + lemon

top: bergamot, mandarin

center: thyme, jasmine, ginger

base: white tea, chrysanthemum

rainwater + sandalwood

top: green leaves

center: lily of the valley, rose

base: ozone, sandalwood

linen + lush

top: ozone, lemon, white tea

center: linen, lily of the valley

base: sandalwood, vanilla, ozone

green tea + lemongrass

top: green tea, lemongrass, orange

center: green floral, jasmine

base: orange blossom, cedar, powder

sea salt + cardamom

top: citrus, sea salt, ozone

center: plum, cardamom

base: amber, dark musk

the noir collection

warm leather + amber

top: saffron

center: incense

base: leather, amber

orange blossom + cedar

top: orange blossom, orange

center: cedar, patchouli, clove

base: incense, tonka bean

dark musk+ bamboo

top: marine, camphor, pineapple

center: lavender, bamboo

base: dark musk, amber, vetiver, cedar

oakmoss + citrus

top: petitgrain, cardamom, citrus

center: jasmine, rosemary

base: oakmoss, musk, sandalwood

amber + teakwood (back in stock!)

top: allspice, leather

center: teakwood, clove, tobacco leaves

base: amber, sandalwood, peppercorn


special collections

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