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how to: clean your wax warmer

how to: clean your wax warmer

here’s a quick & easy step-by-step video on how to clean out your wax warmer to make sure you get the best fragrance out of your wax tarts!

first, you will need:

  • rubbing alcohol

  • cotton balls

STEP 1: remove the old wax from your warmer. you can do this by gently bending the plate to loosen the wax or use a toothpick to break the mold.

STEP 2: once the old wax is removed, apply rubbing alcohol to a cotton ball and/or to the warmer.

STEP 3: scrub gently until all the wax is removed.

STEP 4: use a dry cotton ball to ensure all of the wax is removed. make sure the plate is completely dry and free of residue.

all done!

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